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Myth No. 1

Installation of PVC window is a mountain of debris and dirt.

It would be better to say that after the installation of any window as well as any construction work of course, debris are left, but not in those amounts that are often drawn in our minds.

In any case, be prepared for installation: remove everything from the window sill and make the way to window free, prepare the garbage bags, cover furniture oilcloth – so you prevent dust deposition.

Cleaning and the removal of garbage are the responsibility of assemblers. However, be sure to check this point with specialists and write it in the contract.

Myth No. 2

Plastic windows are not ecological.

It is probably the most common delusion. Many people are alerted by the "chemical" name of material, polyvinyl chloride (PVC) and that in the process of production lead is added in plastic. To begin with, environmental friendliness and naturalness is not the same thing.

Despite the fact that PVC is the product of complex chemical synthesis, it is absolutely safe for humans due to its unique features. Andi f you look around, you will see that plastic is one of the most popular materials in the application spheres. Remember, what is your kettle made of? Usually it is made of plastic, but does it trouble anyone?

With regard to lead, numerous studies have proven: it carries no threat as the final product. Manufacturers of profiles in this case usually give the following illustrative example: there is crystal in almost every family, but this is nothing like glass with lead, and to a much greater extent than in plastic. However, none of us considers it dangerous to health.

Myth No. 3

Wooden windows are better than plastic

Judging by the preferences of consumers in many countries of the world, this is not the case. For those who like numbers, we can provide such information: currently in the West 45% of window frames are made of plastic, 28% – 25% of wood and aluminum.

The objective advantages of plastic windows is that they they almost do not require any care. At the same time, it is well known that tree, in contrast, tends to absorb moisture, and therefore requires periodic painting.

Myth No. 4

The best windows are made in Europe

Indeed, Europeans have a lot of experience in the production of PVC profile. However, given the prospect of the Baltic market window, many major world producers have plants in our country, adapting their technologies to the local climate. Because the windows made for German/French/Italian weather conditions are not always suitable for the Baltic countries.

In any case, it should be noted that the essential role is not the location of the profile production, but technology and the quality of the raw mix, and usually it is imported from European countries.

Myth No. 5

Six cells are better than three

Number of cells – cavities separated by partitions, in the construction of profile affects the heat-shielding properties of ready window.

Indeed, the more cells, the greater the index. However, three-celled windows are quite suitable for conventional urban environment

On the degree of thermal protection specialists compare them with a wall thickness of two bricks. As the statistics of the sales in the Baltic States shows, the most popular is the three-celled PVC window.

Five-, six-, and even seven-celled constructions due to increased heat resistance ratio are optimal for cold regions. So if you don't live in the far North, three-celled profiles will be sufficient for your windows.

Myth No. 6

PVC windows do not ‘breathe’

Many believe that PVC constructions do not ‘breathe’ and therefore a condensate appears.

It is clear that according to the laws of physics fogging of windows may experience on the glass in any frame: wooden, plastic or aluminum. None of the material itself does not cause it. The fact is that buildings built in Soviet times were not tightly joined between windows and walls and thefore there was a good ventilation and windows ‘breathed’. But such a ‘ventilation’ had its drawbacks: constant draught that caused chronic cold. With the installation of airtight windows airing of the building through chinks and cracks is stopped and and all the unnecessary moisture condenses on cold surfaces – window glasses.

It is simple to avoid this: it is enough to ventilate a building 2 times a day for 5 minutes.

A graded system of slotted ventilation installed on PVC constructions is another solution to the problem.

Myth No. 7

All PVC windows have standard colours and shapes

Of course not! Another question is that most consumers are got used to Standard designs with white constructions.

In the meantime, fantasy is not limited today. At present any profile can be laminated with a colourful film.

Regarding the shape, along with the familiar "rectangles", plastic window may be square, in the shape of arche and even round. Because window profile due to its qualities of flexibility and elasticity, allows you to realize any ideas and fantasies.

Myth No. 8

Plastic profile is becoming yellow over the time

This time let's not believe the rumours, but look at the facts. The fact is that the qualities of future products are determined by additives that are used in manufacturing. Qualitative additives ensure the snow-white colour window so that it covers the entire period of its service.

German and Austrian companies are leaders in the production of additives. Leading manufacturers work on recipe of raw mix designed for domestic conditions. If the company saves on additives, there is no guaranty that your windows will remain snow-white.

The conclusion is simple: you must buy window designs approved by manufacturers of PVC profiles.

Myth No. 9

Mat profiles are getting dirty quicker

It cannot be affirmed unambiguously about mat profiles. But it is needed to keep them clean. However, there is no difference in the care of mat and glossy profiles: for these purposes you can use normal soap solutions. It is not advisable to use petrol, solvents or acids. They can damage plastic and dissolved substances, stabilizing the surface and protecting it from the changes of colour. In addition, mat profile is convenient because it has no visible fingerprints and minor scratches.

Myth No. 10

PVC windows are very expensive as any good product, PVC windows are not very cheap, but not that expensive as it was in 90’s, when they just appeared in the domestic market. In addition, by comparing the cost of plastic windows with wood windows similar in quality, it can be concluded that the initial cost is much cheaper than the latter.

Moreover, in practice, plastic windows are able to recover these costs significantly. We all know that the major cost of communal payment is for heating in the Baltic states. Due to their hermetic properties, plastic windows can significantly reduce the amounts of energy wasted on the heating of dwelling, which account for up to 50% of all the expenses!

If you want to say goodbye once and for all with all the myths about plastic windows, remember an old Russian saying: ‘better to see once, than to hear hundred times.’ Having installed a plastic window in your appartment, you will see how many myths are created around them!


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