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Calculate the cost of your windows in just 4 steps!

The cost of materials and services in Rīgas Logi is so transparent that you can easily calculate it using our window calculator.

We are pleased to present you a unique calculator that will allow you determining the cost of new windows in online mode so that you do not have to exceed your budget.

This calculation will take only a few minutes. To do this, you need to know the dimensions of the window opening and finalize with additional options. Thus, you will know the full price of your new window "turnkey".

Unlike on-line calculators of other companies, the calculator of Rīgas Logi calculates the price of PVC windows with the least error: only 5-7%. Please take into account that the accuracy of the price depends on the accuracy of the window dimensions, which are determined by the specialists' measurements. Rīgas Logi provides this service free of charge.