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Rigas Logi – plastfönster, trä- och aluminiumfönster - produktion och installation

Plastfönster och dörrar

This is the optimal solution for standard serial apartments and private houses. PVC windows and doors are leading on the market due to reliable construction.

Aluminiumdörrar och fönster

Aluminum doors, windows and facades are very durable and reliable. This is the best solution for public and industrial buildings.


Wooden windows and doors give warmth and comfort to the house. Wood is the most natural and environmentally friendly material, the replacement of which is nowhere to be found!


Metal doors are considered to be the safest for an apartment or a house. There is opportunity to make doors on a by-order basis, using burglar-proof locks and spare parts.


Benefits of large windows

While small windows come with their own set of advantages, large windows usually tend to gather more pros especially when it comes to bedrooms. To emphasize that point, we decided to put together ten ...


Why change your old windows to new triple glazed PVC windows?

Why change your old windows to new triple glazed PVC windows? Scandinavian countries now adding triple-glazed windows, the whole world is looking at benefits of triple glazed glass. A triple-glazed wi...


Made in Latvia

Made in Latvia
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Andrejs Berkuta 11.04.2022

I ordered all the windows for the apartment from SIA "Rīgas Logi" and to be honest I am excited about the attitude, the quality and the consultations provided! Everyone started and asked me to assemble Evgeny! Thank you very much!

Arturs Garancis 28.09.2021

Used to glaze a balcony in the 603 series. The work is high quality. Masters responsive! Thanks to Riga Windows for the work!

aiwux83 24.09.2021

Thanks to Riga Windows for a job well done. Masters very well and carefully. It was quite difficult for our private house to dismantle the old window, but in spite of that, the masters did the job neatly, without much damage. Also very good at assembly. Nice to arrive at the agreed times, without undue delay. The other staff was also very responsive, understanding, communication went very well and understood our wishes. Prices are also appropriate. Keep up the good work!

Karīna Švarcbaha 01.09.2021

Thank you to the windows of Riga for the quality work. I am satisfied with both the windows and the work of the master, who performed the necessary finishing work with high quality! The price corresponds to the quality.