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Rigas Logi – Muovi-ikkunat, puu- ja alumiinit ikkunat – tuotanto ja asennus

Muovi-ikkunat ja ovet

This is the optimal solution for standard serial apartments and private houses. PVC windows and doors are leading on the market due to reliable construction.

Alumiinit ovet ja ikkunat

Aluminum doors, windows and facades are very durable and reliable. This is the best solution for public and industrial buildings.


Wooden windows and doors give warmth and comfort to the house. Wood is the most natural and environmentally friendly material, the replacement of which is nowhere to be found!

Metalliset ovet

Metal doors are considered to be the safest for an apartment or a house. There is opportunity to make doors on a by-order basis, using burglar-proof locks and spare parts.


Benefits of large windows

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Why change your old windows to new triple glazed PVC windows?

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Made in Latvia

Made in Latvia
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Santa Upmane 25.03.2021

Very responsive to customers, fast service. Patika!

Sergejs Gromovs 26.02.2021

Guys . I advise. the firm is super. Installers know their stuff. Very high quality.

Genadijs Haritonovs 26.01.2021

Excellent service, professional approach and adequate price in the city. Many thanks to the manager of the company who professionally approached the issue of our order and helped to determine the appropriate option for windows and doors for our private house. We are grateful to Rīgas Logi that they did not allow us to make a huge mistake and order windows in Poland, as many do, having lived for one year in a house - we really understand how high-quality windows produced in Latvia are and differ from those that we have seen from our friends and acquaintances from Poland ... Thank you very much again. The next order is uniquely yours and nowhere else.

Jana Jankovska 10.11.2020

Very fast response to the order, highly professional and well-grounded advice, transparent quote. The order was made on time, at every stage when the master was supposed to come to the house, the time was negotiated and the most favorable options for us were offered. Dismantling of old and installation of new windows was done very quickly and accurately. Now the house is warm and quiet. The masters left order for themselves. We are glad that our choice is RĪGAS LOGI. We will definitely contact you when we change the remaining windows. I wish you success!!!!! Yana and Alexander.

Irina Irina 08.11.2020

Good afternoon. In remote conditions, I ordered windows for my apartment. Manager Oksana Konashenoka, listened to my problems and offered several best options. Of course, you need to wait a while for the windows to be made, this is normal. The manager of the company agrees a convenient time for the client to carry out work The masters carried out the dismantling and assembly of new windows quickly and efficiently. Excellent customer service. I recommend contacting the company. I wish Rīgas Logi success and prosperity. Best regards, Irina Troksne.