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Wooden windows opening inwards

Wooden windows opening inwards are open with the wings up. Due to simple care, they are the most popular in Europe and also in Latvia at the moment. Wooden windows opening inwards are suitable for different modes of ventilation, respectively, opening them completely, opening the wing for 10 cm or leaving in the winter mode of ventilation, when the wing opens only for 7 mm. Thus, it is possible to regulate the air exchange in the room depending on the weather conditions and the need, while simultaneously maintaining the sufficiently high properties of heat and sound insulation.

Wooden windows opening inwards can be made in different shapes and sizes, adapting them to the needs of each project. Windows can be square, triangular, round, in the form of an arch or any other shape, openable and non-openable. Non-openable wooden windows are most often used in public buildings, shop windows or on the ground floors of residential buildings where they can be cleaned outside. Various glass separating and decorative rails are available, which give the house a special style and make the double-glazed window more durable against the environment conditions.

Heat and sound insulation of windows depends on the thickness of the selected double-glazed window. Double-glazed windows are made of two or three glasses with a selective coating and filled with argon gas, which provides maximum insulation both in hot summer and in frost.

Wooden windows opening inwards are certified by the SP Technical Institute of Sweden.


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